[Open position] PhD Studentship 2019

I am now searching for a talented, enthusiastic student who seeks for PhD studies in Physiological Computing and Artificial Intelligence at University College London (UCL).

Very briefly,
physiological computing and AI is an emerging, interdisciplinary research area enabling technologies to listen to our bodily functions and psychological needs.

The key components of physiological computing are:

  1. Physiological sensing: blood perfusion, respiratory variability, cortical activation, etc.
  2. Psychological state recognition: stress, tiredness, etc. (based on machine learning techniques, such as advanced recurrent neural networks)
  3. Feedback: visual feedback in AR/VR, tactile feedback, etc.

We have been pioneering technologies for contactless physiological sensing and mental stress detection using mobile, low-cost thermal imaging. This overcomes limitations of existing non-contact physiological and stress detection systems that constrain one’s mobility and environmental conditions, in turn helping deploy them in real world contexts.

In investigating real-world in-the-wild situations, we have been focusing on how such advanced physiological computing and AI technologies can help people with mental impairments (e.g. chronic mental stress) and disability.

Physiological Computing and AI Lab’s research (led by Dr. Youngjun Cho)

General Information for this call

* This is a 4-year fully funded post (tuition fee + stipend) in the department of Computer Science at UCL – which is for a UK/EU/non-EU international student.

* We strongly encourage students who have studied in physiological computing-related key areas, such as machine learning, computational physiology, neuroscience, physiological interface (just name a few) to apply this post.

* Topics of interest include (but not limited):

  • Contactless Brain-Computer Interface 
  • Machine Learning-powered Physiological Sensing (eg. deep reinforcement learning-based remote PPG)
  • Affect/Emotion Recognition and intervention for Disabled People (eg. wheelchair users, students with learning disability)
DEADLINE for this post starting in November 2019: 21st July 2019 
(This call is now closed) - Welcome to prospective students to discuss other options.

* If you are interested in this post, please email me youngjun.cho[at]ucl.ac.uk.