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Convolutional Neural Network with Attention on Spectrograms for Emotion Detection

Preprint 2021 Alok C. Suresh and Youngjun Cho The ability to accurately detect and model emotion is of great importance in advancing HCI applications and interfaces. Given this, the prevalence of research into the automatic emotion recognition task has steadily

Haptic feedback interface in navigation systems for visually impaired and blind people: a systematic review

Preprint 2021 Bei Xia and Youngjun Cho Background: It is often challenging for visually impaired people to navigate independently. To help this, an increasing number of studies have explored navigation systems for visually impaired users. Particularly, the ways that the

The Effect of Binaural Beats blended with Classical Music on State Anxiety Reduction

Preprint 2021 Yuxuan Liu and Youngjun Cho While alpha binaural beats and classical music treatment have been actively explored in alleviating state anxiety, no previous research has looked into a possibility of blending the two subtle interventions for amplifying their

Accessibility and Distance Perception in Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Displays for People with Dyspraxia

Preprint 2021 Virtual reality (VR) has great potential as a technological intervention for disabled people. However, most human factor research into VR does not consider people with motor learning disabilities. Here, we consider the accessibility challenges faced by people with

User Interfaces in Autonomous Vehicles: Understanding Trends and Challenges for Visually Impaired Drivers

Preprint 2021 S Oh, C Holloway and Y ChoDepartment of Computer Science, University College London, London, UK Fully autonomous vehicles are emerging, potentially benefitting the visually impaired community. However, people with visual impairment have been by and large excluded in